Friday Finds

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It's been a while ago, but I still thought it was worth sharing... Somehow, I managed to find this great NuLoom Flokati rug at a Goodwill. It was all rolled up and unmarked. When I asked the worker how much it was, she told me that because it was full of salt or something (I have no clue what it was. I didn't dare taste it to make sure. Might have ended up dead.) and that they had determined that $15 was a fair price. $15 for a 6x9 rug? Why the hell not? I wasn't sure about the fact that is was shedding little white grains of something, but I figured that between a vacuum, beating it outside, and everything else imaginable... that I could salvage it. 

So I bought it. I took it home and spent a couple hours beating the crap out of it (literally. It was full of that white stuff) and then did a little research. Retail price of a 6x9 NuLoom flokati rug is $641!!!!!!
Holy Crap. 
Talk about an awesome score. And I didn't even know it at the time. I knew flokati rugs were expensive, but holy.... mama!


Needless to say, I got excited about it. And this post ended up sitting in my drafts, unforgotten... Until now. And I'm reveling in the glory of it once again. It's wonderful and I'm super happy I snatched it before someone else!


Lisa T said...

Believe it or not, sometimes corn meal is used to clean fur. It could have been some type of preservative or a homemade cleaning product. Either way you scored!