Dreaming of Duck Boots

Yesterday, the rains decided to bless me with their glory. Full on glory. Like stop-this-now-or-i'm-gonna-drown glory. And totally caught me off-guard. I was wearing flats. Like an idiot. So this morning, as the downpour was fading (Welcome to Oregon. Home of the never-ending rain.) I was dreaming of rainboots. Like Hunter rainboots. Like these Hunter rainboots.  

I wasted hours and hours of my life finding more and more and more wonderful pairs of Hunter Rainboots...
They're freakin' cute, right? 

However. There's a small catch. Just about every other girl on campus has them. And wears them. Almost every day. And, you know me, I can't just blend in with everyone else. I need to be different somehow... so then, I came across these gorgeous pictures from F.E. Castleberry.

And decided that duck boots were a much, much better way to go. 

These are from LL Bean and come in four (yep, four) different heights. 8", 10", 12" and 16". Also, they come in moccasins. That are lined. YESSSSSSS.

These are their 100th Anniversary Special Editions. Get them quick before they turn 101. 

I know I'm going to.


Brooke @ Inside-Out Design said...

Those are so freaking cute!!! Even better than the rain boots!

Liv said...

When I saw those boots, I KNEW they were from LLBean. I'm from Maine, and the flagship store is in my hometown. I can recognize a Bean product from a mile away.

You really can't beat Beans for quality and that warranty! Oh boy! You're going to love those.


drollgirl said...

it is so funny and so cool that they finally made stylish and cute rain boots. THEY DID! i love them! it doesn't rain here enough to warrant me purchasing them, but maybe i should anyway. IF THEY WOULD FIT OVER MY GIGANTIC CALVES, which is doubtful. argh.