Trash // Treasure

Today, I've made a decision. There are so many times that I find items that are 'out of date' or 'junk' that people throw out. Seriously. They throw them out, put them up on Craigslist, or donate them to thrift stores, when in reality all they need is to reinvent those items!! I can't tell you how many things I've wanted to take home, but couldn't either because of money, space, or time. This way, I'm virtually recreating those items in my head.... for you! 

This week, I was perusing my local craigslist and came up on this awesome wingback chair that someone was wanting to 'get rid of' (I DIED when I read through the ad) because it was 'taking up valuable space' in the poster's house. For $20, this beauty could have been mine... But alas, it wasn't meant to be.... but if I could have taken it (believe me, I would have been on the phone in a freakin' heart beat) here's what I would have done with it.

Inspired by this design from S. Rohde Hill, I would LOVE to take the wing back and color block paint it with (apparently Tulip Fabric Paint does wonders) turquoise in the middle and silver or some other neutral color at the top and bottom.... and then graffiti the hell out of it! The possibilties are endless, really.... How f**king awesome is that graffiti chair???


drollgirl said...

i like them both!!!!