I Could Do That

Yesterday I found this pin through several different pinners on Pinterest.

My first reaction to it was 'wow', but then I read through the comments on the pin and was a little disappointed. One commenter said "A 2 yr old could do as well" another, "seriously. I could make a painting like this."

For some of you, you might recognize the artist of this painting as Helen Frankenthaler, who passed away about a year ago. She was known as a great abstract expressionist artist. Studied under Hans Hoffman. Was married to Robert Motherwell. Worked for over 50 years as an artist.

She had more talent in her pinky than some people have through their entire body. 

The comparison of her work to that of a two year old, all the harsh and negative comments about her passion and aesthetic... it's a joke to me. Yes, you probably could make a painting just like this, but the thing is, if it were so damn easy... why didn't you do it first? 

Why didn't you paint this one first?

or this one?

How about this one?

Or, my favorite, this one?

I think it's, perhaps, those thoughts that make me appreciate art. I'm a creative person, yes, but there are times that even I have looked at something and called it crazy or easy or said a two year old could have done it. I'll totally admit that I've done that before... but looking at it all, I think the basis of it all is a bit of jealousy. That we didn't think of it first. Shit. Probably because we think of all the money that they might have made on that simplicity and wished we could have gotten a cut of it. 

I say, before you jump ship and climb on the hate wagon, why not do a little background work? Find out more about the person. See the passion they had for the work, instead of just the work. 

But, I might just be beating a dead dog with this one.

Also, two year olds are kinda genius when it comes to expressing their emotions. I would love to be compared to a two year old. (I probably still am one at heart).

You can find more of Helen's work here and here


drollgirl said...

i work in an art gallery and i hear a LOT of idiots say, "MY KID COULD DO THAT." i cannot stand it when people say that. they are ignorant. they need to be educated. many times they don't want to. it is frustrating.