I talked with my mom last night (through texts, which was strangely odd for us) and I managed to get a little bit homesick. My family has always been a huge huge part of my life, and to be thousands of miles away from them is ridiculously hard. To be in a place where I'm not familiar, when the rain has just set it..... it can be a little depressing at times. 
The thing is, for me, is that I feel like I'm just disappearing. No one notices that I'm gone, yet there's a huge rift inside of me that won't give up. It hurts. The only person I've really talked to lately is my mom, and she has always pushed to be there for me.
For which I'm grateful. 
My family means more to me than they'll ever know... but I guess it's just up to me to make sure I'm not forgotten. Guess I'm just going to have to take some of these ideas and start mailing and calling and doing the things that I wish they would do, right?? That's what my mom said. 

And my mom rocks, so I guess I'm gonna have to listen to her. Just this once.


drollgirl said...

oh girl. hang in there. calls, texts, emails, cards, and VISITS will help you get by.

my first year away at college i drove home nearly every weekend for MONTHS on end. mind you, this was a 400 mile drive each way. it was hard for me to live in a new place where i knew NO ONE. it was easier for me to just drive home. eventually i adjusted, but it took a long time.

Brooke @ Inside-Out Design said...

Oh this makes me so sad! I'm sorry you're so lonely!! We just moved to Minnesota a year ago, leaving my family in Florida and I miss them so much! it's hard to be away from home. And I can't imagine if I was doing it completely on my own; I'd be a wreck. Hang in there sweetie; being away does get easier. You do have to just make sure you reach out a lot, so you still feel connected to your family and friends even from so far away. Hugs!!