Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Lucky Horseshoes

You guys know how nutty I can be about equestrian details in a home... and well, after I found this little nugget on etsy, I knew I was sunk. 

Lucky Horseshoe Wall Hanging from L3 Iron Wood

I've always been a little (just a little) superstitious about good luck charms in a home, but never much anything else. I'm bffs with a black cat, duhhhhh. 

Adding a horseshoe over my door would definitely help add a little more country bohemian-ness to my place, don't cha think?




Yep. I think so. This is going to happen. For sure. Like right now. And, if you're thinking of making this little good luck addition to your home, here are a few tips and superstitious reasons for hanging a horseshoe.

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