Mercer Island House Tour-- Interiors by Kelly Wearstler

Now, I'm not sure if you're familiar with my love/lust relationship with the great KW... if you aren't, you're about to be acquainted with it. I seriously adore Kelly Wearstler and have been a big big fan for ages. I had a college friend intern for her one summer, and since then, I've been hooked. He showed me some amazing designs (even before she opened her retail store) and I decided from there, I was going to be her next big fan. Possibly a little bit crazy fan. Ok, definitely a crazy fan. So, when I saw her latest feature in Elle Decor... you know I was in instant love. 

First off, look at the couple she's designed for. They're adorable. What's even better is that they're not hiding the fact that he has to stand on a step to be an inch taller than his wife. And those puppies!! Makes me want to turn into a blubbering idiot and rub their ears for hours at a time.

Then you get into the house. You can tell immediately, even from the first picture, this is a KW masterpiece. Look at that chandy. Purple gorgeousness at it's finest.

And whoever wouldn't want this bedroom would just be crazy.  Furry three legged stools? Heaven in stool form.

Mint and gold? Match made in heaven.

And although I'm not normally a fan of gold (I know, some of you want to burn me at the stake for that statement) this is definitely my piece of cake. 

And I love the walls in the guest bedroom. Add in that bed and I'm wishing I could be a permanent guest in that house.

Striped ceilings and floors? KW just gives all design limits the bird. 

and once again. The library. A definite favorite in my book.

and last, but certainly not least, the sitting room. Wallpaper has never looked so good. And I love those chairs. Love them. Now, you may go back to your normal life, being changed for good by the love of KW. You will never be the same again.


Amanda said...

Oh my gosh I want that library!

drollgirl said...

i love it! especially the bedroom, the mint w/the most awesome stairwell eVER, and the wallpaper in the last pic!!!!!!