Monday, August 20, 2012

Loving Lately

Dear Monday. I don't like you. Nor do I like the fact that you let someone call me at 6:45 this morning and let my milk go sour so I didn't get my coffee. This day has started off on the wrong foot, but I'm determined to make it better. I hope. Early lunch and then, I'm going to do something wonderful... Psych. 

Anyways, I've digressed from my original subject. Here's what I'm loving lately.

1: Mixed patterns. I love the scales of the different patterns in this room. And that wall color? Yum. It's totally the binder in this space. I adore the bohemian feel all the patters give the space.


2: Facets. All sorts of shapes and sizes. I even have a pin board strictly for faceted items. These will soon become part of my life. Very very soon. (That's really soon, because I doubled the very's in that last sentence.)


3: Repurposing Men's tees. This tutorial from C&C is the bomb. Seriously. I'm pulling out my machine this week and getting to work. I just love the way it fits and they're simple alterations. Add in the vintage tee recipe and you've got yourself an amazing piece to wear for forever.


4: Mixing edgy and sweet. That's like swedge. Errr... or not. I just love how they neutralize each other out. This outfit from Atlantis Home is the kicker for me. I need to make a skeleton tee stat. 


5: All things oceanographic. Sea creatures like mermaids and octopi have always fascinated me, but these in combination with the colors and moods of the ocean are influencing me in major ways right now. Definite love here, people.  


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danielle said...

must. have. skeleton tee.