Living the Simple Life.... AKA Why I no longer own a Microwave

Hello my darlings! In the midst of packing and planning tons and tons of new posts goodiness for you, I've managed to fall along the wayside once again. Planning and plotting always gets me distracted, but hey, you got me today, so no complaining. ;) 

Have you noticed lately on Pinterest that almost everything that's pinned anymore is going to "change your life" or will make you "happy you pinned this" or "OMG THIS IS JUST THE COOLEST THING I'VE EVER SEENNNNNNN"??? 

Which, if this were real life, would look like this:

Total eye roll.

Which is why, for my own good, I've taken my own life into my hands. Not in that way... heavens no. I'm taking CONTROL of my life. No more extra stresses, no more junk always in the way, and no more feeling overwhelmed because I have too much STUFF.
Oh, and it's so much easier and cheaper with moving to do so. Here are my steps of how to take control of your life and live simpler! (These are things that I truly think will change your life!)

1: Get rid of your microwave. You heard me. Get rid of the junk that supposedly makes your life "so much easier" like microwaves, electric knives, power grinders, etc. All of these things are supposed to help make your life easier, but in the end, how much do you really use them?? Hopefully, you own an oven and a fridge; in my opinion, that's all you really need. By getting rid of my microwave, which I rarely used before anyways, I've put the crank down on my laziness and pretty much am forced to cook every meal for myself. Yep, that's the whole reason why. By getting rid of my microwave, I must THINK proactively about what I'm going to eat. No more just throwing something into the microwave and eating junk for dinner. I'm eating more fruits and veggies, more lean meats, etc. I'm eating a much more balanced meal 3-4 times a day because I'm thinking about it ahead of time. And now, well, I never would have believed this, now I find solace in cooking. It relaxes me and makes me feel good about what I'm doing. (I really love using recipes from Smitten Kitchen)
2: Cut cable. GASP. I know, I said some naughty words. Cable used to be my BFF. HGTV was always the first thing on my mind when I got home and was always on Tivo. And then I'd get the bill and stress about money that I didn't have. Cry over not being able to go to the gym, but I'd pay the freakin' cable bill without a flinch. After reading this article on Apartment Therapy, though, I realize I can still watch my favorite shows... In moderation. I also find that I read more when I don't have that kind of distraction (hello, miss. smartypants!).
3: Log Off. Limit your time on the computer (think of it as a reward, not an option) Let's say that you get on Pinterest and find something that you'd really love to do or would love to have in your home... My new thought is that before I get on again, I have to do something inspired by that thing I found on Pinterest. It doesn't have to be some great big project, but little things like... finding a faux fur blanket to go on my bed for a more lux look, completing a DIY project, calling my mom to tell her about this great quote I found (my mom is addicted to Pinterest as well), SOMETHING that gets me outside of the house and off the computer into real life. 
4: Make yourself do the little things. This is where I find myself hating things the worst. I've become lazy and expect things to do themselves until I'm ready to take over the big part. Well, things don't do themselves. Gardens don't weed themselves, dishes don't wash themselves, and, by damn, messes don't clean themselves up. I've bitched and complained about it all my life, but until now, I've never realized that without that base work and foundation of skills, all the big things that I end up doing look like shit a majority of the time. Truth be told, it's easier to do it REALLY good once, than it is to go back and redo things over again and again mediocrely. I want nice things. I want a clean house. I want to live a life of luxury... but all those things come with a price. Whether it be money or hard work to keep them nice... you can't expect it all to be easy or free. 

There you have it. My little life lessons all rolled up into on little can of worms. These are all things that I've learned by living in 800 sq. feet by myself for the last 2 weeks, which you may not think is a very long time, but when you're completely alone... it's an eternity!

Please, feel free to add to my list. Comment and tell me how you life your life simpler (or wish you could. I know there are some damn limitations)!


jon said...

I came here for the platform bed, but ended up reading your "living a simple life". Great job. I've been procrastinating all day, all week infact. I haven't done my dishes. I haven't completely unpacked from my recent move, so boxes and trash bags are everywhere. I haven't done really anything. So thank you for getting my ass up. Today I'm going to finish my bed (a little different then yours) and if I have time. I might do the dishes.

Jessica {The Aestate} said...

I also don't own a microwave, but that's because I'm one of those crazy people that thinks the way the food is heated up on a cellular level makes it carcinogenic.

drollgirl said...

well these are good tips! very good tips! some of them i follow, and some i don't. i am a slave to computers and to tv. a slave! and i kind of like it -- at least most of the time. :)

p.s. you can turn off your word verification which is nearly impossible to read. ugh! blogger has a new spam catcher that is awesome. trust me!

Lauren said...

I haven't had cable for a few years now and I don't miss it at all. Anything I want to see I can watch online or rent. It's a huge savings every month (hello shopping!) and I get so much more done. People are appalled tho when you say you don't have cable. Lol