Thursday, August 23, 2012


Ok, so this is a little off topic today, but I seriously am having the biggest pet peeve ever. Have you ever met the person who is always wanting to do big things, but there always seems to be an excuse as to why they can't? Or that they just aren't "good enough"? Well, I can tell you, as a teen, that was probably me. Ok, scratch the probably in that sentence. But right now, I'm looking back at all the things I've done and all that I've accomplished-- especially in the last 6 months--- and I'm proud. I've not let myself get down (at least for long) about something that is ultimately up to me to make happen. I've realized that things happen for a reason and that instead of wallowing in pitty and depression (I've done both, believe me, it's hard to stop and it's not a fun experience) that EVERYTHING can be changed to an opportunity. An opportunity to better yourself. So, do a little tough love with yourself-- and often-- and be honest about what excuses you've made in your life. Believe in yourself. Make the things you dream about happen! Sigh. So, excuse me for getting a hair up my ass everytime I see someone make excuses as to why something didn't happen for them, or why they can't do something. I'm going to buy this print and hang it on my front door or something. 

And end rant. Thanks for listening. Now, go do something! Happy weekend!

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drollgirl said...

well i am always wanting to WIN THE LOTTERY, but so far nothing! lol! i need to play more.

i would love to find a job that i actually enjoyed. humph. i need to work on that, and i think i have been saying this my entire adult working life. d'oh! one must make it so! or win the lottery! ;)