Saturday, August 4, 2012


Ok, peeps. Here's the thing. With my move, I've realized that I'm about to pretty much get a new start on my life. New house, new career, new set on life. And although my personality hasn't changed much (ha! Like that will ever happen. I'm too stubborn to change that one) I think it's time for me to... oh, maybe be a grown up (GASP. I know, I'm becoming worse at controlling my language.) and become a bit more grounded. Organized.... Proactive. I'm horrible at procrastination. Perfectly horrible at it, but after weeks of sleeping on couches, being off a normal schedule, and everything else in between... I'm at the conclusion I would not make a good truck driver. Now you might laugh at that last sentence, but, hell, I'm taking that one for true gospel. I need my own space. At least to run back to when I need to rejuvenate. I LOVE traveling. I really do, but I'm a homebody at heart. I need a place where I can unleash my creative juices and go wild, without everyone seeing how badly I screw up sometimes. Sometimes, I just need to curl up in my bed (which happens ALL. THE. TIME) and not come out for a day or two. I miss having that. Oh, and a bed. I miss having a bed. That's probably the worst part of it all for me.  

So, I've decided it's time to make some changes, not just in my reality, but overall. The blog will become more of a creative outlet and business type venture, where I learn more about branding, organization, etc. Less of this chatty chat stuff and more of the 'this is the shit I'm learning' type stuff. More about gardening and Landscape Architecture (it's become my life) and about saving money (biggest penny pincher ever here, duh) and design in general. Some about sustainability and what it means to me, living off of what I can grow/harvest to save money, living a singular life, and, of course, more DIY's. 

And because I hate having a blog post without some glory to drool over... Here's a great house tour from The Selby


Lisa T said...

I love to travel but you're right, there is no place like home.

Erin | Holtwood Hipster said...

Just discovered your blog! Haven't had a chance to dig in and learn what's behind your recent move. There's a lot of great energy in that post! And a Landscape Architect! Love this stuff- can't wait to see what becomes of your new space.