With the move coming closer and closer, I'm realizing that I need to start pulling my style together for my new space. Using things that I currently have, researching new projects (yes, researching is code for Pinterest), and making lists of new things to get has been on my mind like no other... Along the way, I found this gem that stole my heart and already has a lot of the colors/feel that I usually go for. 

All pictures via Desire to Inspire

While I may not have that Cape Town view, but seriously... this is amazing to me. So amazing. Deep, rich, contrasting colors that really give off a luxe look.... Definitely my style. So, here comes the next step for Living on the Chic! To get this type of style, while living on the a budget, AND renting!


Tori said...

This is a great neutral color scheme that alludes chic :)

XX Tori

drollgirl said...

HELLO!?!?! SO FABULOUS! way more fabulous than my digs. d'oh!