The Vagabond

I know I've been missing as of late... but if you follow me on Instagram (look for @trisstal) you'll know that I've been on a couch cruise. I've been staying with family and friends, some with spare beds (HEAVENNNNNN) and some without, leaving me to sleep on things such as these:

Fancy, right? Only the best for this little gypsy. And along the way... I've managed to make some unbelievable finds and spend lots of fun times and goofy faces with family and friends. 

Yes, you'll notice that those are MANOLO BLAHNIKS. For $30. In my size. I die. (Please, excuse my hobo flipflop lines on my feet. I know it's gross. But I'm a hobo. That's a legit excuse.)

I had an eternal debate with myself because I managed to find a Rebecca Minkoff pouch for $18 and a Michael Kors zebra/metallic clutch for $54 but couldn't afford both. My cheap side won out and I only purchased the RM. Curse you, gypsy ways, curse you. 

By the time I returned to my pile of crap wonderful treasures, this is what ended up in the "yes" pile and will be accompanying me to Oregon. Speaking of Oregon... This little tidbit came in the mail the other day.

Making it 100% official. I'm in! So, if you'd like to donate to my cheap ass college fund.... You know it'd be a wonderful investment. Seriously. You should think about it.


Kecia said...

Insane deals! So jelly! And congratulations! Very awesome! The hubby and I are still in mid-moving days and are getting a break from the air mattress with a hotel stay with a king size bed tonight! Haller-luyah!

Love your beach cruiser btw! I miss mine! Should have never sold it!