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What You Need to Host the Perfect Garden Party

Although Great Britain may not have been experiencing the greatest weather this summer, there have
been times when the showers have subsided, the sun has come out and we’ve been drawn to our
gardens, flourishing greener than ever under the unseasonably high levels of rainfall.

In fact, with our gardens looking prettier and more fertile than ever, there is no time quite like the
present to hold a garden party. If you want to host a garden party before the summer is over, then you
may be interested to know what you will need to be the perfect host:


A summer garden would not be complete without having a barbecue. Depending on the size of your
party, how much food you are planning on cooking and how much money you would like to spend, you will need to determine what type of barbecue you want.

For example, if you are just inviting a few friends to your garden party, a couple of disposable barbecues that cost next to nothing will probably be sufficient. If your garden is going to be brimming with lots of people and hungry mouths to feed, you will probably require a more substantial, permanent barbecue. Larger, permanent barbecues may cost more initially but if you use it enough, it will soon work out to be far more economical.

Sun Loungers

With the alcoholic beverages flowing, there is usually someone who wants to ‘crash out’ after
consuming a tad too many drinks at a garden party! This is when sun loungers can prove an invaluable
feature. Not only will your guests be able to lie back and relax under the sunshine, but making sun
loungers part of your garden’s makeup will provide a stylish addition to the overall look of your garden


As mentioned earlier, good weather in the UK can rarely be guaranteed, particularly this summer! To
ensure that your guests don’t get soaked by a shower, erecting a temporary gazebo in the garden will
mean that your guests stay nice and dry should the weather take a turn for the worse. Gazebos and
awnings are also a great place for party guests to mingle and socialise too.

Patio Heaters

Patio heaters can be an essential item of a garden party taking place in the UK, where it tends to get
slightly ‘brisk’, particularly after dark. Ensure that your guests don’t become too cold by fitting a few
patio heaters at points around your garden.

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