Catch Up

There has been so much to do in the last couple weeks that I've been out of my mind crazy. Like seriously hair-is-in-tangles crazy. However, I've finally packed my stuff (it was just a small pile... HA!) into my Uncle's stock trailer (full of dried horse and cow shit, but hey-- it was free, so I'm not complaining) and have made it to Halfway. As in Oregon. Yep. I said so long to Utah (thank god) and Idaho too (thank god again) and made my way back to this place for a week until I can move into my place in Eugene.

One of my favorite places. Ever. I also have a bit of down time here... so I'll be working on catching up with the blogging world and all the other shit stuff that I've fallen behind on. 


drollgirl said...

omg it is GORGEOUS THERE! you have embarked on a very fun adventure! i think you will love it there! FINGERS CROSSED FOR YA!!!!