Yo! Tell me what you want...

What you really really want. You ever wondering how 10+ years can change a person? Well, lets take a look-see, shall we?
Pictures via Pinterest

1990-something. Seriously. These girls are HAWT. That Mel B wink? Yep. That's one of the most attractive things I've ever seen.

and now. Hmmm... IDK, they're awful covered up. And again. That Mel B has got me going. Let those boobies out! They're suffocating!

1990-something again. Those boots are rockin'. I want a pair. Or maybe just the tennies. 

And now. Lookin' good ladies! That sporty spice is takin' care of the nunnery while Posh is just 100% out. Perhaps it's the fact that she'd married the HOTTEST MAN IN THE WORLD. She's just hot all the time.

1990-something. All black. Lookin' fly. Hair horns and bare midrifts. Who would have ever thought they'd go out of style??

and now... Mel B seems to look more like a man in the now... Bring back the 'fro, girl! Although, I think that band on Beckham is a little more concerning.

Back to 1990-something. No explanation necessary. Refer back to the hair horns.

And now. Much better. Minus the awkward look on Sporty's face. That's just... Awkward.

And back, once again, to 1990-something. Need I say more? Pink. Lockers. And lots of skin. Lots and Lots of skin. Once again... Mel B, please girl. Please.

and now. Welcome in Victoria the vampire. She knew she'd fit right in with the Twilight crowd.

Oh wait... Maybe it's just in her blood. Total vamp. Now, PILLOWFIGHHHTTTTT.

Oh, and then now. It's so sparklyyyyy.

By far my favorite 1990-something pic. By far. Those eyes. They're hypnotic. 

And now. They're so angelic. And sparkly. Lots and lots of sparkles..... Sqquirell!

And that's it for my sarcastic witty comments today. I needed a bit of a pick-me-up and, it worked. So well. As a disclaimer... I was, in fact, a Spice Girl fan... and possibly still am. YO! 


drollgirl said...

i like them more covered up.

i like ME more covered up. lol i wish i had aged as well as some of them! they look pretty fab!