DIY Post Cards

Who doesn't love getting snail mail? It's a rarity anymore to get it from someone other than a credit card company wanting you to sign your life away. It's been my quest for the last few years, that any time I go on a trip of any kind that I pick up a few post cards and send them home to family and friends whom I adore. When I return, I always get the same responses! "Oh, I haven't received a post card in forever, I was so excited when I pulled it out of the stack of junk mail!" In fact, every time I leave the state now, my mom is constantly checking her box to make sure she didn't miss one from me. 

Thus far in Oregon it's been a little rough getting 'tourist' post cards. In the town where I'm staying, there's not much of a base for tourists, however... there's an amazing set of thrift stores here (I managed to hit every single one of them yesterday) Which gave me a wonderful idea. I'd just make my own! I found stacks on stacks on stacks of old birthday cards, anniversary cards, a few vintage cards, but mainly just crazy amounts of donated cards. So I picked up a stack of them (they were 4 for a quarter!) and headed back to the house to make them. Here's a little instruction on how I did them.

1. Find some awesome cards. I found a lot without messages inside, but I also found a lot that I loved that had corny messages in them too. It doesn't matter if they have them or not. 
2. Tear the card in half. You'll want to make sure they're printed on a thicker paper, like card stock, so they'll hold up in the mail. Get rid of the corny saying, but if the other side is blank, you can keep it and personalize it with your own artwork!
3. Create a separation between where the address will go and where your message is. I used the other half of the card to create a straight line and used these as a guide as to where everything should go.

4. Write your message and address it. I put a little box where the stamp should go, just for kicks and giggles. 
Pretty simple, right? This was great for being on vacation, too! I didn't have to measure anything or stress about not having anything to send back home. I've also realized that over the years, I've collected old birthday cards that I've received that would be so easy to recycle this way!!

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ms.composure said...

def a cute idea!

Jessica {The Aestate} said...

Great idea! I really need to send more postcards. Last one I got was from a friend while she was visiting Argentina -loved it!

drollgirl said...

this is such a cute, fun, fabulous and affordable idea! i love it! i want to do it too!!!!!