Back from the Coast

Oh my god. I've had the most amazing weekend to date. If you didn't see my Friday post, I went to the coast. The Oregon coast (squeeeeeee) I've been to the California coast and the Washington coast, but I have to tell you... I was definitely more excited about the Oregon coast. It felt like an Eastern coast. Almost like I was in Maine. Pretty amazing. Ok, not just pretty, but GORGEOUS. I managed to take a handful of pictures while I was there (insert sarcasm here, I killed my camera battery trying to get a million shots of everything). 

These are seals or sea lions ^^^ We weren't close enough to see them to tell which they were... but I managed to get a decent picture through my telephoto lens.

What's a coastal trip without a lighthouse picture, right?

Or two...

And a driftwood hut. 

By far one of the most beautiful places I've ever been. If you ever get to head to Bandon, Oregon, I highly suggest it.

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Lisa T said...

Beautiful pictures.

Sophie said...

wow it looks and sounds amazing! x

drollgirl said...

gorgeous gorgeous GORGEOUS!!!!!! i love it!

i visited the oregon coast two summers ago. i loved it. the beaches are gorgeous, there are trees GALORE in the surrounding areas, and there is so much fabulous hiking to do up there. fun fun FUN!!!!