Manly Thursday

You know this feature is never going to get old for me. Today, we're going to take a little visit to Berlin. Back in January, the Selby featured the apartment of Olaf Hajek, artist and illustrator. I was in love. So simple. So masculine. 

I love this little spaceship. 

And isn't Olaf just a little dreamy himself???!?!

And this series of prints, all with some relation to the word "Run" is super awesome. What a great way to create a large piece of art in a simple way. 

Oh, and an Eames lounge. Super manly. 

And one of my all-time favorites.... a chalk board. In the kitchen.

I would die for this kitchen. So simple. Yet so... awesome.

and the piece de resistance! If anyone could find me one of these babies.... I'd put him on my water heater any day.

You can check out the rest of Olaf's place here


drollgirl said...

scream! i love it! and BOY IS HE A CUTIE!!!!!!!

Sara said...

That kitchen is ah-mazing! WANT.