Inspired Artist: Junior Case

Meet Junior.

We go way back. Like my freshman year way back. I was a hockey fan, and we both sang the National Anthem at a couple of games and got to know each other. Little did I know, that he'd become one of my best friends. He's a talented guy. Acting, screen writing, dancing are just a few of his talents... but it wasn't until I went to visit him in Vegas a couple years ago, that I realized that we had another similar passion: Art. Junior has a great eye for collecting, but also has a great eye for his own little style I like to call Robot Polaroids. Take a look for yourself. 

Both these prints are available through his webpage

You can also follow him on Instagram (@juniorcase) and on Twitter to see more of his work. Like these: 

I simply love the playfulness of them. It's really so much fun to see what he'll come up with next! If you'd like to know more about Junior visit his website


Junior Case said...

Thanks Trissta!
Your support is amazing! I'm gonna play with my robots this week and post more pictures!