DIY Pedicure

With all the stress going on in my life right now, I've found that there's one amazing thing that's helped me cope with all of it. Pedicures. At home of course, because I'm broke, but I've done about 6 of them in the last month. Yes, I know, it might seem a bit excess, but when you're this stressed? It's not so bad... Plus, I've been getting more compliments on my feet than I know how to accept (my best guy friends are a bit obsessed with feet. So, I thought I'd share my favorite DIY pedicure tutorial.

via Pink Pistachio

Another thing that I love to do, to make sure I get clean paint lines is to use the cuticle stick or a small brush dipped in acetone to remove the excess that has spilled over the edge of the toenail. :) You can also use a q-tip if you don't have a small brush.  See this tutorial for that step. :)