As you might have noticed... I've been a bit absent the last two weeks. Between a graduation, sister moving her family in with me, and, my favorite, a trip to Chicago, I've been a tad bit busy. So, today, I thought I'd share what I managed to squeeze in while I was away. :)

We toured as many Frank Lloyd Wright houses as we could... This being the Meyer May house in Grand Rapids, MI.

Took a river boat tour through the middle of Chicago

Visited as many historic buildings as possible including the Rookerie, the Auditorium, the Tiffany Dome, and so many more!

Went to the top of the Hancock Tower for the night viewing and toured the campus of IIT, which was designed by Mies Van der Rohe

And, of course, visited the Bean, Millenium Park, and the Art Institute of Chicago Museum (designed by Renzo Piano)

It was the most amazing trip ever!! I even managed to get a bit of thrift shopping in... AMAZING! I want to go back again, just for that purpose! :) 


drollgirl said...

chicago! you must have had so much fun (as long as the weather cooperates, chicago is pretty frakking amazing!!!)!!!!

i took a boat tour through chicago one time. it was so fab. and it was nice spring-y weather. it was just amazing.

glad you are ok! hope life slows down a bit for you soon!