How to Relax

Obviously, I've been a bit busy lately. And stressed. More stressed than I'd like to admit.... especially since my body is rebelling. I've got shingles. And I'm 23. Something is not right with that picture and even the doctor was stumped. So, I've been researching on ways to calm myself (considering my normal way of doing it isn't really an option right now....) Here are a few things that have been working marvelously.

Oatmeal Lavender Bath

At Home Pedicures

A Daily Dose of Elle Decor (and other drugs. AKA Magazines.)

Daily dose of this juice

And reading this list

Oh, and, of course, PINTEREST


drollgirl said...

oh girl! i am so sorry! i have heard that shingles is a very painful condition. i hope these things will all help! AND i hope you find ways to alleviate/banish stress! it sure seems to make everything worse.

kate @ undeniable style said...

Shingles! No! I think you have a good plan in place. I have an auto-immune disease triggered by stress, so trust me girl I know the's frustrating not being in control! Hope you're feeling better!