Graphics Make All the Difference

I know so many people looking for jobs lately. Like tons. After graduating with my BLA last year, I started looking for some as well, but found that my resume wasn't standing out from the crowd. Well, I talked with a good friend of mine, who was studying Graphic Design at the time, and we worked out an amazing resume that caught quite a bit of attention... until I decided to go to grad school. Sigh... So, here's a little inspiration to help yourself stand out from the rest of the applicants, businesses and a million other people in the world.

I would just like to mention, that even the 'before' resume is a good example of a good resume... If you look closer, the resume is actually for a graphic designer. In that case, I would argue that the 'after' picture is a perfect fit for representing a graphic designer/creative mind.

What if you have to submit a portfolio? You could upload it onto a CD and then print your name and some great resume information onto the front!

I love the idea of a personalized stamp. Then you could use it on cards, letters, etc. SMART!

Again with the CD thing. This would be perfect for wedding singers, artists with digital portfolios, any kind of person with portfolio work, really.

Once again, create a resume that represents you and the job that you're applying for. If I were looking for a graphic designer, this lady would be at the top of my list!

Create a whole package! Make it all with one graphic image in mind and keep it consistent. This is a major part of branding yourself.

I know, I know, some of them aren't business related, however they'd be soooo easy to adapt into a business/selling yourself purpose. Oh, that sounded dirty. Perhaps I should just stop while I'm ahead....

UPDATE: Check out my post on tips to get a killer resume!

DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of these pictures, other that this last one of How to Create a Killer Resume. They are ideas for new, creative ways to inspire you to get yourself out into the job market. There has been a ton of talk through Pinterest and other social media sites on this subject, and I have to say that 1) Design your resume with yourself in mind. It's called branding. If you're a graphic designer, then create a resume that communicates "Hey, I'm a fantastic graphic designer with my own aesthetics", if you're a lawyer, then choose a layout and typeface that communicates, "Hey, I'm a laywer, who knows how to kill 'em on the courtroom floor". 2) Not all resumes will be the same. Not all people are the same. Don't take these tips/ideas as gospel. Represent yourself through great graphics and take the time to make it look good.

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ms.composure said...

these are SO SO gr8! wish i could do more graphic stuff! what kind of program do you use?

drollgirl said...

bad graphics are SUCH A TURN OFF! and good graphics are a TOTAL TURN ON! i love good graphics! they make all the difference in the world!

Eliza Jane said...

I've been looking for jobs, and my resume just doesn't stand out! Despite the fact that I have some pretty awesome experience. I like your idea of outsourcing - I'd never thought of that!

mckelle said...
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Anonymous said...
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Crystal said...

What do you recommend for a non-designer resume? I want to stand out (obviously) yet I suspect the line between good and gaudy is a shade finer when it comes to more administrative roles.

Anonymous said...

I've taken entire business classes on just building your resume in undergrad and the after for most of these is something you would NEVER EVER want to do for a business position. These resumes are for creative type jobs. A business resume should be neat, clean and readable it should also be something that can easily be scanned. There are books/courses everyone on building a proper business resume.

Graphic design is one of the few fields where it would be acceptable to create a resume such as the ones you have posted.

Anonymous said...


I would disagree. I am a CIO, and routinely hire very technical and non-creative types for my positions. A resume like these would definitely stand out, and tell me that out of the 100 candidates who all have similar experience, there is one with a little bit of something extra in his/her background or personality that would warrant at least a phone, if not an in person interview.

Anonymous said...

You should NEVER put your age, DOB or HS graduation date on a resume

Anonymous said...

I wish I could have a resume like one of these, but have been advised over and over again by companies and teachers to keep it simple, black & white, and plain.

Alex Eilmann said...

I hate to rain on everyone's parade, but as a graphic designer we were told the best thing you can do with your resume is make is as basic and normal as possible!

It's well known that if you decorate or embellish, HR or any supervisor will trash it. Put time into your wording, get the interview, and THEN win them over with your amazing personality!

aliya seen said...

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endy smith said...

I think that these stamps are great! You have a good idea to do something like this. I want to recommend you Thank you!