Anne Mooney of Sparano + Mooney Architecture

I had the great honor of meeting Anne Mooney of the great Architecture firm Sparano + Mooney yesterday. After listening to her present 3 projects, yes only 3 of them, I was SO inspired. Sparano + Mooney is a LEED accredited firm, with a super-hyper intense focus on Sustainable Design and working with the surround environment and coming up with crazy cool ideas. Their own house, in Emigration Canyon just outside of Salt Lake City, was featured in Dwell Magazine as the first Residential House in Utah to be LEED accredited. It's an amazing space, that works so well with the surrounding landscape.

Pretty Awesome, right? How about some of their other projects? They're spectacular.

Amazing, right? This is what I want to do, ladies and gents. This is what I want to do. Change people's ways of thinking about Architecture, Landscape Architecture, and Interior Design. Thinking outside the box.  Here's their design philosophy when it comes to Sustainable Design: 

From the start of the practice, Sparano + Mooney Architecture has been focused on creating innovative and modern sustainable design solutions for each client. As experts in sustainability in architecture, clients are offered an integrated set of services including: sustainable design guidelines and audits, sustainable project planning, and LEED consulting services. These clients see sustainable design is a triple win: it is good for people, good for business, and good for the environment. With sustainability as a guiding principle for all our projects, we approach every assignment as an opportunity to enhance building, environmental and occupant performance through sustainable design strategies. Our team works to develop the architectural potential of each project while ensuring occupants are comfortable and inspired, contractors are building efficiently and responsibly, and owners realize lower first capital and operating costs. Our LEED accredited professional team brings an integrated sustainable design approach to each project grounded in timeless design principals inspired by nature: solar orientation, day-lighting, the relationship between building and site, and natural materials and finishes.