The Power of Ammonia

Next in my series of How-to/ great tip compilations, I figured I'd give some great tips for cleaning/beauty/house keeping with basic necessities. First off: Ammonia. I used this the other day to completely overhaul my gas range. Seriously, this is powerful stuff. My whole kitchen looks brand new, just beware!! ###DO NOT MIX AMMONIA WITH BLEACH### It does not produce prettiness-- it produces noxious fumes that can kill you. And now... on with the show.


drollgirl said...

ammonia! i had no idea it would be good for so many things! i'm on it!

p.s. i knew an old woman (lol -- sounds like a fable) that mixed ammonia and bleach. it knocked her out. and it also knocked out her entire sense of TASTE for life. she could not taste her food ever again after that accident! no bueno!

Wende said...
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Wende said...

Be very careful about using this mixture for jewelry. Yes, it can do a good job on some jewelry, but can do severe damage to others. For example, pearls as you mentioned, but also opals. Any stone that is porous, is not a good idea to use this mixture. I would also caution to not let the jewelry sit in this mixture of any length of time. It can damage the soldering by turning it black and just weakening the solder.

AquĆ­ said...

amonium is something I never purchase but I can count many a time attempting to clean the surface of my stove or carpet wishing I had something that worked wonders! I just may buy my first jug of this stuff soon :)

Anonymous said...

What happens when you mix ammonia with vinegar?