From One Friend to Another...

My good friend Aqui is holding a giveaway, and this is not just one of your typical giveaways!! I wanted to pass this on to you amazing people, simply because it's a great cause and a great prize!! She is working with Hand/Eye magazine to raise funds to document artisans in South Africa and bring awareness to designers and buyers of these products. Here's a little bit more about Hand/Eye from Aqui's giveaway post: 

"They are a non profit organization dedicated to providing aid to artists and artisan in developing countries worldwide. Currently, the HAND/EYE fund is working on a project in South Africa and seeks donations to send their photographer/ videographer, David A. Land to interview, film and photograph artists supported by the fund in this location. This documentary will be used to educate designers, wholesalers and buyers of the anthropological significance and importance of preserving these age-old art forms along with their economic value as a means for self-sufficiency. The video below tells you more about it."

Seriously a great organization! So, please, slip over and enter her great giveaway for a mention in the July issue of Hand/Eye magazine, a free issue of the magazine you're mentioned in, ANNNND an amazing horn cuff bracelet (worth $350!!) Make sure to visit her blog post here to enter and win!!

Simple way to enter: 
1. You must be a follower of Aquí via GFC
2. Create a Tweet or Facebook post containing a link to the campaign
3. You must leave a comment on this post (on her blog, not mine!!) and include your twitter/facebook name along with an email address so I can contact you if you're chosen. Extra entries will apply to those who post to both platforms. The winner will be chosen next Sunday {03/25} so you have exactly one week to spread the word. This is for a great cause and as lovers of fashion its important that we help support these talented artists! Visit the campaign site here!

Plus, check out how adorable Miss Aqui is!!


Aquí said...

oh my goodness trissta! You are soo cute! Thank you so much for all your kind words and hard work here. I'm thinking the polls are going to be a little swayed. You've earned yourself about a dozen entries. I'm going to forward this post to the publisher of the magazine so he can have a look. Thanks, you're the best!