Uhh Happy V Day?

Well, it's that time of year. Love is in the air.... and I'm single. Not that I'm complaining about that little factoid, but it does make this one day out of the whole year a little.... Sucky. However, I'm not going to be my usual cynical self about this day, no, not today. I'm just going to crawl back into my whole and stay there... for oh, the rest of the month. Yes? I think so. While I dream of a valentine like this...

via Pinterest

I'm sending you all a Valentine like this...

via Alexander Wang

Oh, and if you're interested in being my Valentine (you know you are!) Here's a great gift idea:

Frye's Jenna Studded Boots


Ms. Givens said...

People sometimes think its odd to be single. I get crap about it from the guys at work. I even get wierdos who think that just because I dont have a husband I should automatically be with them. NOT.
I like my freedom. I get to do allot more socially and go more places now that I am single.

drollgirl said...

ack! those boots! they are so awesome!

do you watch 30 rock? if so, did you see the episode on liz lemon NEVER having a good valentine's day? it was HILARIOUS! take a look if you need a laugh. this silly holiday will pass, so don't fret. and some hot dude will be swooping you up off of your feet soon. :)