Ode to the Beds

I had a crazy dream last night... that I was on a train. And that train was going around curves and bumps and then we were on this crazy bridge over a lake next to a town and there were all sorts of twists and turns... and eventually we ended up tipped over into that lake. I dreamt that I had to manage my way out of that sinking train and get out as soon as possible. Then, the dream went on that we had lost everything... we (I don't really remember who the we was) had to sleep on the floor for a week... and I just remember that I wasn't sad about losing everything I had, what I was really sad about was that I had to sleep on the floor. So, today, I'm making an ode to beds. Big, fluffy lover beds. Sexy beds. Lush and glorious beds. The best kinds of beds you could imagine. 

via The Pursuit Aesthetic

via Elle Decor

via From Me to You 
via From Me to You

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But then I realized... maybe it's just because I want to go back to sleep. Ahhhh inspiration! 


Kecia said...

That lucite bed is un-freaking-believable!


AquĆ­ said...

well these are all just dreamy! I've always been intrigued by really low to the ground beds but have never had one! I love the tent-like bedroom with all the sheer fabrics.

drollgirl said...

oh these beds are DREAMY! in the good kind of way! especially the first one.

i like when sleep is actually RESTful and not filled with icky and upsetting dreams! sometimes i think naps are better as there isn't all that much time to have dreams in them. humph!