Great Ways to Add Architectural Features to Your Home... While on a Budget

As you know, here at LotC, I'm a firm believer in saving as much money as possible... and with my birthday just around the corner (March 7!!!!) I've been dreaming of new ways to spice up my house and make it a bit more... people friendly. I definitely have my own style when it comes to my home, but it's not necessarily functional for family/friends purposes... so I've decided to make a few changes to my house dreams by adding a bit more traditional touches. Like these:

DIY Paneled Wall
DIY Door Castings

DIY Board and Batten Wall

DIY Cabinet Bases

DIY Built Ins
DIY Fireplace with Built Ins (still in progress)
Oh, and to help with any painting that would be needed..... Here's a great tutorial on how to paint crisp lines from the House of Hepworths

Painting Crisp Lines

See? Now, it'd give my house a little more personality and traditional feel. Not my normal style, but I can see where I might sell after I graduate, each of these projects would be a key selling feature. Ohhhh the joy of DIY.


Ms. Givens said...

Have you ever ordered Ikea furniture online? I need to know if its difficult to assemble.

Micheal Hill said...

Love the idea on the cabinet bases! Great tips!