Campus Style

Ok, so you all know how much of a fashion addict I am... and how miserably put together my wardrobe is. Well, I just happened to be on Elle this morning and found this little nugget. Ok, I lie, it was Pinterest, but I thought Elle would just sound so much more fashionista-ish and not make me look like an addict. Gah! Ok ok, yes, I'll admit. I'm addicted to Pinterest. And if I had more time, I'd be on there 24/7.... and I digress. I got on Elle this morning, via Pinterest, and found this cute cute collection of college fashionistas and I just couldn't help but be inspired. Next year? You'll be seeing me on this list. ;)

And after looking at all these ladies, I can't help but wish I had longer legs. Seriously! These girls are like... POW! Legs. Definitely at the top of my "to tone" list. I need to start showing mine off! 


Ms. Givens said...

I like the girl with the black hats style.

Sarah Ward said...

I remember seeing these a couple months back and I was going bats over the gal in the purple dress' necklace!

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