Brands to Invest In: Johnny Cupcakes

Johnny Cupcakes is a t-shirt brand that sells clothing, buttons, stickers, and the brand itself. Started in 2001 by Johnny Earl, the brand started out in the trunk of his beater car with the classic cupcake and crossbones seen below. He's an eccentric, crazy prankster who started out with selling tricks and jokes, candy, and home-made buttons. You can read more of his story here.

Ok, in all seriousness, you know how much I appreciate kookiness and out of the ordinary products, designs, and all things. Well, let me tell you... Johnny Cupcakes is all those things and more! Here's a bit of background straight from Johnny himself: 

"Customers like and appreciate the story and work ethic behind my brand. I started this as a joke from the trunk of my beat up '89 Toyota Camry. A college drop out with a drug and alcohol-free lifestyle, I never wasted my time going out and partying but instead focused only on brainstorming and sketching up my wacky ideas. I turned down investors and took countless risks like keeping my shirts out of chain stores."

He presented at Utah State last night, going over 2 hours on his presentation time... however, there were many of us who were willing to stay until midnight (yikes!) to meet him and talk to him. Which, I'm more than happy that I did! He told us his background, gave us some business tips, and met every single one of us! So, I ended up getting a Johnny Cupcakes T-Shirt of my own. And man... worth EVERY penny! First off, it's made from super great material and the screen printing? Top notch. On top of that, though... The packaging? The bonuses? The amazingness? It's all just to amazing and great.

I mean, this is the normal packaging for a t-shirt and whatever else? Amazing. I totally love the foil embossing and the quality of the whole product. Totally sold me on the whole business, actually.

And, their designs are amazing! They've teamed up with Sanrio, Nickelodeon, and so many other companies to create awesome pieces that are totally unique and collectors items (each t-shirt design is limited to a certain number for retail sale) thus, creating more value and personality in your purchase at Johnny Cupcakes. Here are some that I'm absolutely love:

Don't you just love it?! You know you're getting a good product when you buy from Johnny Cupcakes. So, check out their online store and Johnny's blog... and see how amazing this company really is! Oh, and my birthday is in 2 weeks... you know what you can get me now. ;)

PS Check out their Ebay Vault, too. Extra savings and limited edition t-shirts can be found there.

PPS If you decide to purchase something... you can use the code BLUE for an extra 20% off until the end of this week. You're welcome.


Anonymous said...

ah! i love that gray rug under your bed! where is it from?

Ms. Givens said...

I like the tee with the cupcake & swords.

drollgirl said...

love the name! and the product! and the packaging! and that he started out by selling from his beater car!