Style Inspiration: Eva Mendes

Ohhhh what a weekend! If you follow me on Twitter, you might know that I did a little cleanse over the weekend to rid myself of kidney stones although... the tweets might have been a little TMI. Which gave me a lot of time to clean and get every thing I'm doing right now. Well, it's all a bit deep for a blog post, so I'll just skip a bit of it. One thing I was thinking about, after I found this gem, was my fashion and style and how I present myself to other people (especially with my class!!) And I've decided that I need to put together my outfits and styles together a little more tightly. Thus, today, I'm feeling inspired. By Eva Mendes. One of my favorite celebrity styles. And of course, one lady that I'm extremely jealous of... As her beau is none other than Ryan Gosling. Sigh. Pictures via Style Bistro

I totally love that she rocks the little sun dresses and is totally fab at all times. Even in her trips to the gym, I mean... Jeez! She's so put together and she knows what fits her body. That's what I need to know. Working with my body, not against it.


Jessica Rowe {The Aestate} said...

love her style. and I will take that accessory on her arm in the second pic!