Sites I {Only} Found This Week

via Far Out Flora

Whewww! That was quite the list! Have a spectacular weekend!


drollgirl said...

that image is gorgeous!

and i don't know any of these blogs/sites! wow! i need to check them out!

hope you have a fab weekend!

Ms. Givens said...

I dont think I have heard of any of these. Thanks.

Amanda Hill said...

Love new reads! Happy weekend love!

Matti at Far Out Flora said...

Man, that's one of my fav picks of the Echium candicans. Thanks for the shout out. Matti

Ms. Givens said...

A popcorn popper is a wonderful idea!
I buy eggs and then we never eat them.
I need to get a juicer as well. I make smoothies almost every day.