Inspiring Artist Paul Alexander Thornton

I had a few of you ask who the artist was behind the skull piece I featured yesterday... Well, I have a surprise for you! Today's post? It's all about him! 

Paul Alexander Thornton is simply spectacular in my book! After discovering him through Pinterest, I was totally hooked on his work. Like no other. It reminds me a lot of Gustav Klimt and his abstractions (He is SOOO my absolute favorite!) So this guy... He's got my attention quite beautifully. According to his profile on his website he "has a love affair with ballpoint pens and felt-tips, and has an eclectic style that ranges from decadent, intricate and sometimes photo-realistic ballpoint pen drawings all the way through to psychedelic drawings that make your eyes melt."

Total love, right?! Sooo amazing. And inspiring. And I want. Like beyond anything... Want!


Ms. Givens said...

I love that one of the dog.

Stylelover said...

Great post!
btw, I am hosting a giveaway in my blog... a $100 voucher to spend at Boticca! I would love to see you around :D

AquĆ­ said...

This is spectacular art! Its so clean and intricate!