Classy DIY

I think this post kinda speaks for itself. There are so many DIY projects out there and so many ideas floating around... but I find it hard sometimes to do a lot of the projects and be able to make them look professional and classy. So, I took some time and found some easy, classy DIY projects that can be done and still look professionally done! I always hate having a project that you can tell was done by... yours truly. I've gotta brush up on my skillzzzzzz. 
Glass Cluster via Family Chic

DIY Lucite Tray via Sanity Fair

Modern Cement Planters via Re-Nest

Fur Upholstery via Bijou and Boheme

Gem Stone Heels via Honestly WTF

Scale Wall Art via Two Thirty Five Designs
Lace Phone Case via Hey! Look What I Made
Gold Dipped Glassware via Honestly WTF


Ms. Givens said...

Lovely post!

drollgirl said...

pretty good diys here!!!

i tend to prefer store bought items because i am a) lazy, b) impatient, and c) it shows (in a bad way, usually) if i make something that is out of my league. LOL!

Amanda Hill said...

I need to hire someone to do DIY's for me!

Julip Made said...

Wow, great inspiration for the new year! I still can't believe some of these are DIY. I especially love that gold stemware.