Lots of traveling to do today.... it's gonna get crazy! Don't you just love the Holidays? Me? Not so much... I don't deal well with all the extra stress and craziness that ensues. I'd much rather someone buy me a ticket back to this spot so I could enjoy it the rest of my life.... or at least until all the crazies go back into their holes. 

LaSpezia, Italy

Yep. That's me. And yes, I was there this summer. I'd do anything to go back and get out of this crazy snow and crazy cold weather. But until then, I'm just gonna snuggle back up in my blanky and take a quick nap before I have to brave it all...


Ms. Givens said...

I am with you. I so wanted to go somewhere but nobody could go.
I hate drivers this time of year. They are so mean around here. Makes me want to fly away.

drollgirl said...

can i join you?!?!?!?!?

i am ready for this holiday season to be over. ugh. so stressful and so chaotic! serenity (and a beach and warmth and relaxation) NOW!