Photography by Douglas Friedman

I love photography. So much so, that I dabble in it from time to time. One of my major inspirations and Douglas Friedman is one of my favorites. Why? Because he photographs homes. Combination of my two favorite things? You know I'm a fan.... Plus, it helps when the man himself is a hunk a hunk. I mean, who else could rock such a serious 'stache... other than Tom Selleck.

It also helps when the bachelor pad in which he lives looks like this....

Yep. Sign me up, baby. But before I get carried away.... let me show you some of his other lovelies.

Wow, right?! If only if only... I feel as though we'd be a perfect pair...


Ms. Givens said...

I found my dream closet. :)

Inspire Me Heather said...


2Gitanas said...

Love these images!!
I would love to invite u to my blog and participate on my first giveaway!!