Inspired Designer: Kelly Wearstler

I have been exploring the design world more and more lately... and can I just say WOW. I'm super impressed with what I've found. I always figured that Interior Designers just mainly worked with major corporations and such... Well, I've been totally wrong. See? I'm not a total genius when it comes to design! Last week, I was looking for some inspiration for my quirky home and I came upon this room by Kelly Wearstler... and I was totally in LOVE.

Gorgeous, right? Well, upon a little more investigation, I also found these nuggets from her website

There's also a TON on Pinterest. She also has a store, a fashion line, and an amazing blog. Her design style is totally perfect for me. Classical lines, a bit of kookyness, but overall gorgeousness that makes people talk. Definitely my kind of design. It makes me want to do something like this in my house:

So much fun, right?! I totally want to do it now.... What do you think? Maybe in silver in my living room? Yessssssss


AquĆ­ said...

I adore her sense of stye. Really clean and fresh! Its been soo long since I've been by. Oh how I've missed your selection of gorgeous interiors!

Ms. Givens said...

Love the wall treatments and I would love to have that first bedroom. My bedroom never quite looks done. Also my dogs keep it a little messy at all times. ;)

Jessica Rowe {The Aestate} said...

Love KW, and I say go for it!

Megan Joy said...

What gorgeous staircases.
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