Forgotten Places

Yesterday... wow, yesterday was brutal. End of the semester and I finally turned in my Construction Document package and then proceeded to get the worst chastisement of my life. It's been a crazy semester for me, and I'll be the first one to admit that I came into my design program a little bit cocky that I knew everything... and ended up falling flat on my face. I struggled with getting everything finished on time and making sure that everything was done right and as high quality as I could. It was a learning experience that is already motivating me for next semester. I saw this little video yesterday, which I could quite possibly end up playing this every single day come spring...

Yep. She's becoming my new best friend. However, I've digressed far long enough.... Today, well, today, I'm sharing with you some amazing photos of long forgotten places. I've fallen in love with this new trend to photograph the long lost places that everyone no longer remembers. (EDIT: I forgot to mention where I found these pictures-- My bad! It was a long day.) Photographs via this Pinterest Board 

Sorry for the picture overload.... I just couldn't help myself! It amazes me that so many places like these are overlooked in the process of building new and forgetting our history. After visiting historic buildings and architecture in Italy, Germany, and a few other places abroad.... I wish that we were more proactive in preserving historic and architectural beauties in the States.


Ms. Givens said...

Isnt she cute!
That last photo with the windows reflecting off the water is captivating.

Hailey said...