Everyone Needs a Little Sparkle

Lately, I'm finding myself needing a little more quirky-ness in my home and my fashion life... Well, to balance that quirky-ness, I'm also drawn towards the sparkle and glittery things. And you know, everyone could use a little bit of glitter and glitz in their lives!

images via Pinterest

 I'm thinking my design style could very well be described as Kooky Glam or something. ;) What do you think?? 

Also, I just couldn't help but share this one....
You know I had to. 


Ms. Givens said...

I need more sparkle too. Yesterday I ordered sparkly silver sandals for summer and it aint even close to summer. :)

drollgirl said...

loving the shimmer! so surprising! so festive! SO FUN!!!!!!

indie.electronic.alternative. said...

wtf titty scarfs. haha.
i love sparkle in the home and in my closet. that kitchen picture is insane! painting the ceiling is a great idea, and having the sparkle as backsplash is undeniably amazing :)