Things My Mother Didn't Teach Me: About My Health

I haven't thought about this feature for a while now, but today... I'm going to give you a little something extra. Lately, I've been thinking a lot about my health and nutrition and taking care of myself. I've realized that having a nice house, a nice car, a nice wardrobe could never replace having a nice body. And I don't mean super sexy six pack type body (which I wouldn't mind having) but rather... a healthy, happy body! There are so many things that we can do as ladies (sorry guys, I may not use your gender in my post today, but all these things still apply to you!!) to take care of ourselves and enjoy our lives! We can't enjoy our surroundings and design and all those things if we don't take care of ourselves. Here are a few things we can do to enhance our lives. 

1) Lift weights. You may think this doesn't work for you... but I have to tell you, once I started lifting weights, I not only understood how my body works better, but also how I feel when I'm pushing myself harder. It's great to have someone to work with you while you're lifting, even better is when you set a goal for yourself and take your time to reach it. And boy... the muscles you obtain! Ladies, you don't bulk up, but rather lean out and lose a lot of the fat that you've stored away. If you don't know much about lifting, Women's Health always has great tips!!

2) Don't rely on your scale to tell you if you're healthy. The number that shows up is not representative of how you feel. If you're working hard, that number doesn't matter. Remember that muscle weighs more than fat, but takes up less room. For example:

via Self Improving
3) Make time for yourself. I know it gets hard, but even I come down to the moment that I make an 'appointment' with myself. Just so I can chill out and relax and do my own thing. It helps keep you sane, even if it's just a 15 minute appointment. Do it and relax. Breathe and take care of yourself!

via Undressed Skeleton
4) Eat simple foods. The fuel you put into your body directly responds to how your body runs. Seriously. So, I go by the rule that if I don't recognize the ingredients that go into the food that I'm about to eat, I don't eat them. That includes processed bread, candies, etc. I've learned the basics of 'healthy' foods, and I can recognize when they're not going to be good for me. I personally love Tim Ferris's Slow Carb Diet. I've adapted it, so it's not just a diet anymore... but my lifestyle!

via Cookin' Canuk
5) Supplement your life. And your body. There are many vitamins and minerals that we don't get through our food any more or become deficient in over time (like vitamin D), they cause all sorts of problems and issues that you wouldn't think were linked to those supplements. Also, I love lots of berries and such to give a little antioxidants. 

via The Food Chronicles
These are all things that I never would have known... had I not done a lot of work and figuring out on my own! And, of course, this post is just perfect for today, as I'm home sick. Over stressed and not taking good care of my body. So, to practice what I preach, I'm eating lots of chicken soup, water, grapefruit, saltines... and push pops. And making time for myself. I'm in need of some TLC.


Ms. Givens said...

I love the idea of simple foods. I hate walking away feeling bloated.

drollgirl said...

these are good tips. i am trying to eat healthier and exercise more (for the BILLIONTH time in my life! cripes! why can't i just get it together?!).

my neighbor was just diagnosed with diabetes. not a fun diagnosis. the best option is to try and be healthy in life -- as much as we can.

Anonymous said...

Just a small (nerdly) correction - muscle is denser than fat. Muscle weighs the same as fat, a pound is still a pound. It's just that pound of muscle takes up less room than fat. Cheers :)