Ok, I know I'm late with today's post... but I had this test on History of Furnishings today that was a KILLER. Ugh. Anywho... I found some lovelies for you today! Have a look-see.

Love, right?! There are so many different aspects of this shoot that totally stand out to me. For one, it's kinda kooky and totally matches my design style right now. I'm calling it classic kooky. It has all the basic classical design type stuff, but there's something that makes it unique and modern. I'm definitely feeling it. How about you??


First Taste said...

I think it is the mystical meets modern narrative that I love about this shoot. So much of it new and unique yet familiar because we recognize the references.... quasi Harry Potter and Knights of the Round Table...It generates lots of ideas for me.Rich. Thanks for sharing!