Quirky Lovely Spaces

I've been in love with quirky spaces lately. Spaces with crazy things in them that add character and interest to the space. With things that make people wonder "what the hell???". Things that are fun and not so grandma-ish. Yep. Grandma-ish. Not that I don't love Grandma-ish things... I'm already surrounded by them... but I'm craving some things that just are crazy. So here's some inspiration. Spaces that I absolutely love. And why.

Images via Pinterest

Umm... need I explain this one? That's a lion in the corner. Yes,  a lion. Amazing.

The crazy shag rug... The yellow. It's all kinda cooky and crazy.

The chairs in contrast with that concrete wall. They're amazing. And then those crazy paintings. 

The bedding. I love it and want it in my home. Messy-ness and all.

Leopard stairs. Need I say more? Classical paintings with a cow hide. Stacks of crazy books. Leopard stairs. 

It makes me want something like this artwork by Scott Benson. LOVE. 


Amanda Hill said...

I would piss myself every time I saw that lion! But the leopard stairs area big Hell Ya

Ms. Givens said...

The yellow and white is so lovely!

drollgirl said...

i was a little worried when i read your intro paragraph, but i actually LOVE A LOT OF THIS! so fab! the lion! the shag rug! the leopard STAIRS! S O F A B!