Inspired Designer: Antonio Ballatore

As you all can guess, I'm an addict when it comes to design shows. Like seriously. And as I've begun my education process, I keep finding that my design style keeps changing... Possibly because I keep changing too. I've begun to embrace all my quirks and out there styles, and I recently realized that it's not showing in my own home. There are some things that stand out in my space... but they're not really representing me. Nor are my fashionable moments. So, instead of trying to hide away my inner punk, I'm embracing her... and I'm going to start taking some risks like this guy. Seriously. If you don't believe me, check out The Antonio Treatment and his own home. Which I just so happen to have pictures of. Drool, baby, drool. 

I mean, wouldn't you die on that couch? I know I would. Forget about a bed... All I need is that thing to be happy forever.

Pink Kitchen? Sold. I'm definitely getting my inner punk out now.

And Chewie? He's adorable.

I mean... Even his glasses have personality! 

See? Look at this place. Comfortable, yet there's a meaning behind just about everything. And his design signature? Pink animals. Yep. Pink. Genius.


Ms. Givens said...

I just bought a fun Boxer dog painting. I like you am trying to punch it up in my home.

Jessica@The Aestate said...

Love a fun home with tons of personality! Any dude that has the balls to paint his kitchen crayola pink is OK with me...


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