It's Halloween, duh!

Still no computer... Bum bum bum. Suck. Anyways, I'll have an amazing list of sites to visit this week, so you better be prepared come Friday!! But in honor of today being like one of the best days ever (and probably one of my favorite holidays... well, besides Christmas because you get lots of stuff) I've decided to share a few projects that you could do for the holiday, but actually keep in your home year round... cause they're amazing like that.

Potion Bottles

I love these done by Love Mansion... They're amazing and really cool. I'd totally keep them up year round.

Feather Wreaths

Seriously... Feather wreaths are so much fun. You could do this one without the skulls and net material and it'd be way amazing! 

Encrusted Skulls

OMG. You know I'm already on this one and it's gonna be in my house for forever. For reals.

Drippy Chandeliers

This one is fun because you could change out the materials pretty easy. I mean this looks semi spooky, but you could easily trade out the gauze for something more... sparkly. :)

Dire Warnings

Oh man, I totally love these signs. They'd be super cute to put into a gallery wall or just anywhere. Totally one of those punk rock design type things. 

PS. My mantra for today?

via Etsy