House Love

Last week my good friend Aqui tweeted this post to me from Apartment Therapy. Well, I absolutely loved the room and started doing some digging to find the rest of the house.... Well, here it is. And I am in total lust with this place. Absolute total lust. But, I won't try to convince you. I'll just show you.

Was I right, or was I right? Well, this is amazing. I know. And, just in case you're wondering about the floor plan... You're wish is granted. 

This is what I'd call a small house. And I'd LOVE living in it. Every moment. Siiighhh.. So, a HUGE thank you for Aqui for sending it my way. I'm forever inspired. Slip over and give her some love for me, would ya?


drollgirl said...


usually i like to pick things apart. but i am finding nothing to pick here! it is all fab!

Ms. Givens said...

Yes, you are right. I love the bedroom. I have seen so many white walled rooms with wood floors that I painted my living room and hall white too.

AquĆ­ said...

oh you're just the sweetest! I immediately thought of you and your fantastic taste when I saw it! Sooo glad you did some digging to find the rest of this amazing home!

The Style Curator said...

I totally agree - even though it's small I think it would be fun to live there! Gorgeous.

Chelsea said...

I love this space...the pops of pink are divine! xo