Sites I {Only} Found This Week...

It's Friday! Yay!! Time for the best part of the week. You know how I love to brag about my home and what I'm doing there, but there are times when I like to hand you over to someone else to entertain you for a bit. Awww, just kidding! You know I love my readers and how supportive you are! However, for your weekend, I have a few suggestions as to great blogs you can visit over the weekend! Enjoy!

Happy Friday! Be sure to leave some love for these awesome writers and tell them I sent you! And... take two minutes to slip over and enter my Giveaway!


LoveK said...

I just discovered your blog and it's amazing! Thank you for sharing other great blogs, what a great way to spread the love around :-)
Can't wait to check out more of your posts...
Love K