Master Bedroom Reveal

After a bit of a teaser yesterday, I've decided not to make you wait any longer. My Master Bedroom is finally finished (Well, kinda. There's still a bit of a mess in the closet area) I'm going to share with you what I did... So, here you go! Here's the before, just in case you forgot...

Cute, right? Well, I decided that it wasn't selfish or rude to have the Master bedroom in my own house after my room mate moved out, so instead of keeping as a guest room, I moved my stuff in. In a day. Yes, I did all this in a day. Keep in mind, my guest room looks the same as this, it's just in a smaller room now. ;)
First off, I painted. It's a light gray with a bit more of a blue base, so it looks blue in these pictures. I guarantee you, it's not just blue. ;) This is the widest view I could get of the whole space... damn you walls, for getting in my way! Anyways.... Let me explain what I did here.

I decided to reuse my old closet doors (which I used in this room originally as the guest bedroom) on either side of my bed to create symmetry. I absolutely love having symmetry within a room, so this was definitely key. I also reused some old doors within my headboard to create a great, modern look. With my bedding, I like to have something that looks comfy and lived in, so I opted for  my Pin-Tucked Duvet, a simple gray quilt, and big, poofy pillows!

To the left of my bed, you'll see my dresser...

I absolutely love my antique spoon-carved dresser that I picked up for cheap at an Antique Auction! To update it, I took the original handles off and then replaced them with cute pulls I picked up at Hobby Lobby on sale for 50% off! Score! On top of my dresser, I keep a collection of vintage bottles and books, my giant clam shell (don't worry, it's plastic. ;)), and a plant that I started from my grandma's.

On the left side of my bed, I have a cute little metal and glass nightstand. I picked it up at a thrift store for $3 bucks! 

Next to it, I put my vintage suitcase (another thrift store find!) for extra storage. I hung ornaments above it to create more symmetry in the room, with more hanging on the other side of the bed.

I picked up this chair years ago and reupholstered it in this great damask material... Love it still! I added a Brom poster on the wall and a small magazine rack (that I picked up at Salvation Army for $.50) to hold my reading material... 

On top, I have a small desk lamp with another giant clam shell as a catch-all. The drift wood I picked up as a souvenir from my trip to Caples Lake, California.

As you look further to your right, you'll see my bathroom and the door to enter my room... In between, I put a cute vintage fold up chair, found at a local thrift store for $2, my stereo gifted to me by one of my BFFs, a storage box picked up at the Surplus Sale for $1, my vintage inspired Colt Advertisement bought at the Antique Auction, and a Egyptian papyrus painting gifted to me by a friend who went there on a trip.

And opposite of my bed? My closet. Absolute dream closet! But, that's for another reveal... The total for this room redo was about $5 plus tax. That means all I bought was the paint! And it was on the mess up rack at Home Depot. Everything in this room was something I already had or things that were gifted to me. Talk about amazing!

So, tell me what you think! Should I have left it as a guest bedroom? Was it ok to move my stuff in? Did I do this room justice? 

Now, after seeing that butt load of pictures, please, take two minutes and slip over and enter my GIVEAWAY

Sweet Serendipity


Jamie said...

It looks AMAZING!!!

L'sJourney said...

I've been waiting for you to make this decision. Took you long enough Silly Girl...

julieb said...

wow, it looks great!
love it!

Ana from Sweet Serendipity said...

Everything you do is gorgeous! I love it! Love your bedspread too. Thanks for linking up to thriftaholics weekly at Sweet Serendipity Design! :) Hope to see you there next week!