Monday, September 26, 2011

Living with Design ADD

Ok ok... so, I'm going to admit something to you, that not everyone knows about me. I'm kinda messy. And I have a million projects going on at once. Yes, I have a bit of Attention Deficit Disorder when it comes to cleaning and design. I have a million things going on in my head at once and I don't know how to organize them! And budgeting. I'm just as bad at budgeting. So, in order to help medicate myself, so to speak, I'm going to tell you my new plan of action.

via Today's Nest
Step 1) Layout a monthly budget. Sigh. As much as I hate restrictions and rules... I'll admit that I need it. By creating a more structured layout, I'll be able to save up and have a budget for my next step. I love these envelopes from Today's Nest... Even one for Thrift Store shopping!!

Via In My Own Style
Step 2) Decorate room by room. Not by wants and finding things. Sigh again. Since I'm such a thrift store shopper, I tend to grab the great finds as they come, which kinda gets me in trouble in many ways. Money-wise being numbero uno. So, I've made a list of all the rooms in my house and things I want to change in them. Then, prioritized them by how much money it will take to make the changes. I love this budget bathroom makeover Diane planned out and budgeted. This just may inspire my own makeover!

Via Emily Henderson
Step 3) Learn from Emily. Yes, the great Emily Henderson. I'm watching Secrets of a Stylist as we speak and I must say I've learned a lot about decorating a home and doing it in steps. Bring things in, if they don't fit, sell them or take them back. Don't be afraid of saying no, even if it's a great piece. Sometimes it just doesn't work.
Via Pinterest
Step 5) Don't start a project/room redo until you have all the parts you need. Again, another lesson from Emily. If you start something and don't have all the necessary things... you loose momentum and don't want to keep going. Yes, I currently have like 10 projects going and not enough stuff to finish them. Please, learn from my mistake! And unlike art, unfinished projects aren't so pretty....

Step 6) Refer to step 4 and get rid of stuff you don't love! Having stuff just sitting around that you don't like just doesn't make sense. Get rid of it, or alter it so you do like it. Then, refer to step 5 and don't start a project until you have all the pieces. So get rid of the extra weight around the house and simplify. Simple and easy.

So, if you're anything like me and have design and cleaning ADD, follow these steps... and remember, make them something that you'll remember and follow!


  1. I love Emily too! And those envelopes are really smart. I used to only shop with cash, and I did a much better job of staying in my budget. I need to get back on that. Thanks for the inspirational post!

  2. I love your plan! I need to make one myself. These are great ideas.

  3. Sounds like a good plan. I have trouble budgeting so I will deduct bills from my checkbook way before they come in so that I am prepared.
    I always get rid of stuff I dont use. I dont mind empty closets.

  4. dude! that is a lot of planning and a lot of structure! wow!

    i think i am more willy nilly about getting things done. meaning: a lot of things NEVER GET DONE. lol. i have lots of ideas and not so much cash, and a generally lazy disposition. lol. oh well! :)

  5. I need to create a thrift budget too! I know its thrifty but its easy to go crazy!

  6. Hey these are really great! I might be adopting a few :)


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